WCTR: Episode 016

September 12, 2017

Welcome to Episode 16! On today's show we learn that Jonathan can't read, Joel gives a high grade to a trailer with no words, Jonathan gives some cool background on J. Law, and Joel has no clue who Tim Riggins is.....SAD!

We review: American Assassin, Mother!, The Show, First they Killed my Father, and All I See Is You!  


WCTR: Episode 015

September 5, 2017

Welcome to another episode of Water Cooler Trailer Reviews! 

On today's show, we learn that Jonathan vacations with celebrities... Joel loves certin trailers but still grades them poorly... The boys make a pact to see a scary movie in the theater... and Jonathan and Joel disagree on hyper-teasers. 

We review: Netflix's: The Punisher, Netflix's: Little Evil, 9/11, IT, and a Joel special... Rememory. 



WCTR: Episode 014 - FALL TV

August 30, 2017


On Today's episode, the boys review 17... yes, 17 NEW network Fall TV shows and let you know what's worth checking out. 

They change up the grading system as well just for today's episode... 

A = Watch in real time

B = DVR for later but still watch

C = Wait to hear if there is any buzz around the show

D = Total pass

F = Joel's special grade... 

Jonathan & Joel also release thier Top 10 all-time favortie movie lists.... listen to the drama unfold! 

Here are the Fall TV shows reviewed on today's episode: 

The Mayor, Alex, Inc., Dynasty, Ghosted, LA to Vegas, Seal Team, Star Trek: Discovery, S.W.A.T., Ten Days in the Vally, The Brave, The Gifted, The OG, The Orville, Valor, Will & Grace, Wisdom of the Crowd, and Young Sheldon! 


WCTR: Episode 013

August 22, 2017

Episode 13! Do people even read these descriptions?

On today's show Joel gets political... like way to political... no really... it's nuts... borderline uncomofortable...  Jonathan crushes hard on Bruce Willis... We learn Joel can't debate very well... and the boys say "The Deuce" WAY to many times! 

We review: A Wrinkle In Time, Pitch Perfect 3, Netflix's: Death Note, The Deuce, Marvel's Inhumans, Death Wish


WCTR: Episode 012

August 16, 2017

Jonathan's lucky number episode! 

On today's episode we learn that Joel is a movie popcorn guy... Jonathan explains how Disney loves killing parents... Joel is sick and tired of talking about Marvel.. and the "trailer guy voice" makes his triumphant return! 

On today's episode we review 5 trailers: Netflix's: Game Over Man, Marvel's The Defenders, Bad Mom's: Christmas, Coco & Netflix's: What Happened to Monday. 


WCTR: Episode 011

August 8, 2017

The Island of Misfit Trailers episode!

On Today's show, we learn that both Joel and Jonathan are huge whimps when it comes to dolls possessed by evil spirits... Joel is interested in visiting the underbelly of NYC... Jonathan regularly usues #PrayerHands #Blessed & #Perfect... and Joel is totally uninterested in a movie that features both Pierce Brosnan & Kate Beckinsale! 

The boys review 4 trailers: Good Time, Annabelle: Creation, Ingrid Goes West and The Only Living Boy in New York! 


WCTR: Episode 010

August 2, 2017

Welcome to Double-digits! 

This week Joel hands out the first ever score of Zero... Jonathan gets sappy about Good vs. Evil... Joel is looking forward to getting a history lesson on Detroit... and Jonathan doesnt seem to grasp the idea of what a "hotel" room is! 

The boys review 5 trailers: The Dark Tower, Kidnap, Wind River, Detroit, and HBO's Room 104

As always, our scoring system is on a scale of 1-4....


3 = See this movie... might not be movie theater grade... but you should rent it when it comes out. Worth $$

2 = Wait for this movie to come out on the free/paid channels... like HBO or Netflix or cable... You will see eventually

1 = Hard Pass.... not worth seeing 

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WCTR: Episode 009

July 25, 2017


This week we learn that Jonathan thinks Steven Spielberg has jumped the shark... Joel knows way too much about Lego Ninjago for a 40 year old man... Jonathan has a man crush on THOR... and Joel is still loving on Justice League!

The boys review 5 trailers that premiered during Comic-con 2017: Justice League Trailer 2, Thor: Ragnarok Trailer 2, Ready Player One, Stranger Things Season 2, and The Lego Ninjago Movie. 

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WCTR: Episode 008

July 19, 2017

Talk, talk, talk is what Jonathan & Joel do on today's episode review! They look at 5 trailers: Atomic Blond, Girls Trip, Stronger, Happy Death Day & Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets! 

The boy's discover they are unable to pronounce names correctly while focusing in on the fact that this weeks tailers are all musically charged!   

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WCTR: Episode 007

July 11, 2017

On today's episode Jonathan & Joel review 4 trailers: Home Again, War for the Planet of the Apes, The Big Sick, and The Greatest Showman!

Jonathan has some fun trivia for Joel and the boys go off on a tangent about Zac Efron!   

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